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Are you looking for bottled water or a bottle-free purified water service for your home or business? Contact us today. Mountain Valley Water of Carbondale has been offering residential and commercial bottled water delivery services to the entire Southern Illinois area since 1992.


You can rely on us for delicious spring, distilled, and purified water available in three-and five-gallon bottles. We also stock one-gallon bottles of distilled water.

Enjoy pure and healthy bottled water

Our water meets all FDA requirements and is regularly tested by the Illinois Department of Food and Agriculture to make sure you get premium quality water. Our aim is to provide healthy drinking water to everyone which is why our prices are affordable.


The delivery and set up of our bottle-free (point-of-use) purified water systems are completely free. There are no hidden fees and deposit requirements and payment is rendered monthly. Get in touch with Mountain Valley Water of Carbondale today for the highest quality of water.

Stay hydrated and healthy

Mention our website and get 15

FREE gallons with your quarterly cooler rentals!

Call us or send us an email for pricing.


Puritan 5 gallon Purified