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Satisfy your thirst and enhance your health with our bottled spring water services. Our bottled water is a healthy substitute for sugar-laden beverages, soft drinks, juices, and sports drinks. We take the necessary steps to make sure that the bottled water that we offer is of the highest quality and tastes great.


Mountain Valley Water of Carbondale has been providing high-quality bottled spring water services to Carbondale, IL since 1992. Our company is family owned and locally operated.

Experience the refreshing taste of bottled spring water

Mountain Valley Water of Carbondale aims to serve you long term. This is why quality is our main concern and priority. We have a reputation for providing honest services and are proud to be a resource that can help you enhance the quality of your health and life.


Our company takes all the safety measures to provide you with the healthiest bottled water. Bottled water can have an indefinite shelf life if it is produced in accordance with FDA and other quality standard regulations and is stored in an unopened and properly sealed container.


The FDA strictly regulates bottled water at a federal level and several agencies regulate it at a state level. In order to make sure the water is safe, healthy, and clean, the FDA has set specific regulations.

Quality you can always count on

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Nation’s Oldest Water Company

About the Source

Nestled in a remote valley of the Ouachita (WASH-ah-taw), Mountains, surrounded by 2,000 acres of protected forest, lies a single spring flowing with the pristine blend of minerals that gives our water its remarkably refreshing taste.


The Mountain Valley Spring Water is the perfect result of a 3,500-year journey, slowly filtering into granite-based aquifers. Every drop is worth the wait.


Our mountain range may not be the most well-known, but we like it that way. The Mountain Valley’s hidden, wooded location helps ensure the area remains untouched. Our obscurity is a blessing. Parking decks, gas stations, and strip malls are all conveniently located elsewhere.