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Get a bottled water cooler installed at your home or office to stay hydrated and healthy 24/7. Enjoy the taste of clean, pure, and fresh bottled water without the hassle of buying bottles at grocery stores and lugging them home. Bottled water quenches your thirst and is a cost-effective alternative to sugary drinks.


It is also one of the most regulated food products. The FDA strictly regulates bottled water at a federal level and several agencies regulate it at a state level. Specific regulations have been established by the FDA to make sure you receive the highest quality of water.

Drink invigorating, purified water from our high-quality water coolers

Bottled water is becoming increasingly popular in the US. Over the last 5 years,

sales have grown from 6% to 13% every year. Get in touch with Mountain Valley Water of Carbondale located in Carbondale, IL today to rent or purchase your water cooler. Our coolers are available in the following varieties:

Get the right water cooler for your home and office

Mention our website and get 15 FREE gallons with your quarterly cooler rentals!

Call us or send us an email for pricing.


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  • Cook and cold water coolers

  • Hot and cold water coolers